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ET-2 External (Conical) Punch
ET-2 External (Conical) Punch Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: ET-2-EXT
Price: $144.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Caliber of jacket:
Jacket wall thickness:
Optional Note:
This is the external or top punch, mounted in the punch holder in the press head, for the ET-2-S or ET-2-H jacket trim die. It can be ordered with various sizes of tips to fit inside jackets of different calibers and wall thicknesses. The extended tip on the end of the conical punch helps align and guide the punch into the jacket for a cleaner, more even pinch trim. If the guide tip is too large, it won't fit into the jacket. If it is too small, it doesn't provide enough support and guidance. One size of punch will work with a range of jacket calibers, so long as the tip fits inside the jacket and provides at least a reasonable amount of guidance.

The punch is made with a 5/8-24 thread, which screws either directly into a FPH-1-S Floating Punch Holder (replacing the usual hex retainer bushing) or into an adapter bushing for the FPH-1-H punch holder used in the larger CSP-2 and CHP-1 presses. The same punch can be used with either an ET-2-S or an ET-2-H jacket trim die.

Because this punch is made of extremely hard steel, it is not practical to try to machine the tip to make a larger one fit into a thicker wall jacket or smaller caliber. It is much better to get a second punch, since the process of annealing and then re-hardening would be problematic. The usual reason for ordering this punch is misplacing or losing the original, damage to the original, or adapting an existing caliber of trim die to use with a thicker-walled jacket than the original punch was designed to trim. External trim die punches

The diameter of the tip and the angle of the cone are experimentally adjusted for optimal performance with a specific jacket. If you would like to send in an existing trim die with sample jackets to trim (a dozen would be helpful) we can test the punch using your jacket and die, and potentially provide you with better trimming operation than if the punch is made to standard or general specifications.

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