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Atomized Copper, 4-lb
Atomized Copper, 4-lb Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CUP-64
Price: $83.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
CUP-64 Atomized copper (powder) is a dust-like fineness of copper powder used to make lead-free bullets. See CUP-8 for details.

The powder makes "California Compliant" jacketed lead free bullets. It isn't effective for making a solid copper bullet unless you sinter the slugs in an oven to bond the edges together, or add your own binding material such as a wax or polymer. But you can make very good jacketed, lead free bullets by using one of two methods to load the jacket.

First, you can pour a layer of powder into a small telescoping jewelry box lid, and use the base of the box as a ram to compact it into a layer about half the length of your jacket. Then use the jacket like a cookie cutter, to put a consistent load of copper into it on each "poke". Swage the copper and repeat until you have the desired amount of weight or whatever fits the jacket length. You want to have a short enough layer of copper in the box so that you can hold onto the jacket and push it firmly to the bottom of the layer each time.

Second, you can use the Corbin Powder Funnel system, which is available under the specialty dies section. This is a steel funnel with a spout made with walls the same thickness as the end of your particular jacket. A long punch is provided, which seats a column of powder into the jacket in one stroke. This saves time, and lets you measure a precise amount of powder to pour into the funnel, which is mounted in the core seat die after you put an empty jacket in the die. The long punch compresses the column of loose powder down into the jacket, and the punch and powder are both guided past the junction between the jacket and the funnel spout. This helps keep powder out of the die itself, where it could get between the internal punch and die wall, causing jams, smears and sticking.

People have mixed Atomized Powder with binders such as waxes, polymers, certain common binders like stearic acid or polyvinyl alcohol (which can make a thick paste, almost dry to the touch). Corbin does NOT have chemical expertise in this field and does not have the supplies, advice, or experience to help you come up with your own binder method (it's a full time job just developing dies and tooling to swage bullets). But our customers have sought out chemical engineers and done their own development for their own proprietary method of making solid non-lead bullets, with our copper powder and swage dies as the starting point for a profitable business concept. Again, all we can do is point to the fact that it can be done and has been done repeatedly by our clients over the years, but we do not have the materials or specific information required for you to do it. We can make the copper available to you in reasonable quantities, and provide tooling to form bullets. The rest we have to leave to others, or to you.

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