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Tubing Jacket Maker, standard tubing sizes
Tubing Jacket Maker, standard tubing sizes Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CTJM-1-H
Price: $1,078.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Select tubing size:
Optional Note:
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select base type:
CTJM-1-H tubing jacket maker set turns standard Corbin-specified copper tubing into bullet jackets.


For other thickness, diameter, or alloy and temper of tubing -- that is, any that is not standard Corbin tubing that we used to develop the CTJM-1-H dimensions and angles and tested over more than 40 years -- please order the CTJM-2-H special version for non-standard tubing material or dimensions.
    Standard Dimension Corbin Tubing is:
  • 1/4 inch (.250) diameter, .025 wall thickness
  • 5/16 inch (.3125) diameter, .035 wall thickness
  • 3/8 inch (.375) diameter, .035-wall thickness
  • 7/16 inch (.4375) diameter, .035 wall thickness
  • 1/2 inch (.50) diameter, .035 wall thickness
Anything else uses the CTJM-2-H custom tubing jacket maker.

After the end is rounded over, it is then either flattened or formed into a boattail shape using the "end flattening" punch in your existing CS-1 core seater or BT-1 boattail preform die. The same end flattening punch is used with various lengths of jackets, but a specific length of end rounding punch (or an adjustable shoulder punch) is required for each length of tubing in the first step.

Sizes other than .50 generally use a JRD-1-H jacket reducing die to bring the end-rounded tube down to a diameter that fits easily into the core seater or boatttail preformer, for base flattening. The die set also includes a proper size core seating punch. Rebated boattail tubing jackets require a shouldered punch of specific length to preventthe tubing from extruding forward as the base is shaped.

Shouldered punches can be fixed length, for one specificjacket length, or they can be adjustable length. The shoulder adjusts like a micrometer barrel around the central portion of the punch.

In the .50 caliber sets, the tubing is first cut to length and then the end is rolled over in the JM-1 die, which is also called the "End Rounding" or "Jacket Making"die. The maximum length of tubing that can be used in the CSP-2 Mega Mite hand press is 1-7/8 inches.

To do this you also need to use the FPH-QC-H quick change punch holder for quicker loading and unloading of the tubing from the die. The conventional FPH-1-H punch holder can be used but you have to screw it up and down to get enough clearance to load or unload the part from the die. The QC punch holder lets you slide the punch in and out sideways with a slotted opening.

In 50 caliber, this length of jacket typically makes about 650 grain 50 BMG flat base 6-S ogive bullets. To make heavier weights the ogive shape either needs to be a less sharp ogive, such as 4-S or 1-E round nose, or the use of the CHP-1 Hydro Press would be necessary. The Hydro Press has a six inch stroke with full power from start to finish, whereas a hand press only develops full pressure at the end of the stroke and has a more limited stroke to get sufficient force in a practical size machine.

Sharper ogives (such as 8-S or 10-S, or the ULD ogive) or rebated boattail bases, will reduce the volume of core inside the jacket and thus reduce the maximum weight possible with the hand press. This is usually not a problem with smaller calibers, since few of them need longer than 1-7/8 inch tubing. The 50 BMG has limitations in length and weight depending on specific shape of the bullet. For the longer and heavier 50 BMG bullets, the Hydro Press is highly recommended over the CSP-2 press.

Note that the cut tubing MUST project beyond the end of the end-rounding punch, in order to form a little "pipe" at the middle, so that the base can be properly flattened and formed without a large hole in the base-closing step. So the tubing will always be longer than the jacket by a little more than half the caliber. For example, on the 50 caliber sets, the punch is marked with 0.33 inch extra length of jacket over punch to shoulder length. This is explained in the instructions which come with the set.

One of the things which beginners often do is make the tubing length too short, so that it barely projects beyond the end-rounding punch. Then the jacket cannot fold around the end of the punch to form a good base, and certainly cannot be pushed up into the ejection pin hole to form the pipe in the center (which provides material for flattening and sealing the base).

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