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Core Swage Die, type -H
Core Swage Die, type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CSW-1-H
Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
The CSW-1-H core swage die adjusts the weight and slightly increases the diameter of a lead core, making it fit into a specific jacket, or preparing it to make an exact weight lead bullet.

The core swage needs to be sized to accept the closest smaller diameter of lead wire for the ID of the jacket, and to expand this piece of lead wire to the proper size to slip into the jacket. Some jackets are tapered or have a thicker base area, so the core must slip past the tightest point in the jacket. Different jackets have different wall thickness. Therefore, a core swage made for a thin-walled jacket might produce too large a core for a heavy walled jacket. The core swage for the heavy walled jacket would work with the thin-walled jacket, provided the weight and length of the small diameter core still fit completely into the jacket or the core seating die, with room to align the punch (at least the length of the punch diameter).

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