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NEW! Improved Version: Heavy Duty, Adjustable Height Column

Adjustable Floor Stand for CSP-1, CSP-2
Adjustable Floor Stand for CSP-1, CSP-2 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CSP-S
Price: $699.00
Shipping Weight: 118.00 pounds
adjustment bolts The CSP-S Adjustable Floor Stand is a self supporting movable stand to hold either the CSP-1 S-Press or the CSP-2 Mega- Mite Press. The stand is built with telescoping heavy duty steel support and a comfortable wood fiber deck. Since you stand on the deck or place a shop stool on it on which to sit, you are in a "closed loop" and cannot pull yourself over by pulling on the handle.

The stand comes with a pre-drilled and tapped mounting plate with hole patterns for both the CSP-1 press and the CSP-2 press. You can use the stand for other purposes as well, such as a sturdy adjustable height machine tool or grinder/polisher support, by either matching one or more mounting holes with your tool or making a simple adapter that matches the existing holes and also has holes to match your tool. Or you can drill and tap new holes if desired. The mounting plate is an inch thick and is welded to the 3-1/2 inch OD square "inner" column, which fits inside a 4-inch OD square main column and is held at the desired height by tightening three bolts. A fourth bolt closer to the bottom of the column provides safety so the inside column cannot drop all the way even if all three clamping bolts are loosened with a load on the stand.

The height should be adjusted before mounting tools or presses on the stand. If it is desired to adjust the height with a press mounted, first gently lay the stand on its side with a corrugated cardboard box or other "cushion" to support the head. Then loosen the height adjustment bolts, slide the telescoping column to the desired height, and secure the bolts before raising the stand upright.

The CSP-S is too large for postal shipping. But it can be sent by UPS or by truck. UPS shipping is usually about $110 to $160 depending on your location. If the web store software calculates a higher rate, it will be adjusted before charges are made.

An advantage of using this heavy duty stand is that you can move the press by sliding the stand where desired to get it out of the way in a small shop, and pull it out for a day of making bullets, without making any holes in an existing bench, wall or floor. This is handy for rented property, for taking the operation to a gun show and making bullets on the spot as a demonstration, or just as a good way to give yourself flexibility in the layout of your bullet making area.

top plate base

  • Adjustment range (height): 43-in to 54-in from floor
  • Floor space: 23-1/2 x 40 inches
  • Operator area: 23 x 30 inches (deck)
  • Steel 1.5-in L bar legs: 40 in. long
  • Base section: 3.5-in sq.steel column, 40.5-in high, welded to 10 x 23 x 1.5 reinforced channel base plate.
  • Top section: 3-in sq.steel column, 25-in high, welded to 5 x 6 x 1-in thick steel mounting plate.
  • Deck: pressed or plywood 5/8-in thick x 30.25 deep x 23 wide, sits between L-bar legs, can be secured with screws through side holes provided (not required).
  • Press Mounting bolt holes: 3 each 5/16 x 18 thread and 1/2 x 13 thread.

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