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Long Handle for CSP-1 Press
Long Handle for CSP-1 Press Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CSP-1LH
Price: $89.50
Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
The CSP-1LH long handle is an option available for the S-Press to increase the leverage. It reduces the effort of such operations as jacket drawing from copper strip, or forming jackets from copper tubing. The trade-off is an increased arc of handle travel, which requires a longer reach in order to swing a full 180-degrees. For most swaging and reloading operations, the standard handle, which is shipped with the press, is more than adequate.

For the few operations that require additional ram thrust, the long handle is ideal. It can be used for left or right hand operation. The handle can also be used on earlier versions of the press, such as the Series II model.

If not otherwise specified with your order, the press will ship with the standard length handle. This handle is adequate for reloading and most swaging operations, and requires less physical movement of the arm and body than the long handle. The long handle is recommended for people with back problems or limited mobility. In that case, the CSP-1H Hydro Mite press removes nearly all of the physical effort (except for placing the component in the die and pushing a button).

The handle can be changed in minutes by unscrewing a single large nut, removing the handle from the toggle bar (a light tap or two with a plastic mallet will break it loose from the toggle bar), and inserting the new handle so that the hardened key aligns with the keyway slot, in either the left or the right hand mounting hole. The CSP-1LH has an effective length of 25 inches, compared to 18 inches for the standard handle.

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