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CHP-1 Electronic Timer Module (1 of 2)
CHP-1 Electronic Timer Module (1 of 2) Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-TIME
Price: $179.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Optional Note:
This is the electronic timer module for the Hydro-Press ram dwell timing control. There are two in later model presses and one in the earlier models. The module has a plug-in socket wired into the press circuit which pulls gently off the octal (8-pin) base of the module.

The timer module is a double pole/double throw relay with an adjustable time delay, set by the dial knob on top. The range can be set by means of a screw marked "mode" which changes the dial face numbering for different time amounts. Generally the default range of 0 to 1.2 minutes is the most useful one.

The timer body snaps into a square plastic retainer, and is held in the press cabinet by this retainer. It is possible to gently lift two tabs projecting down from the retainer which engage a series of parallel grooves in the side of the module, and then pull the module straight up and out of the press from the top (or push it up from the bottom). The octal plug has to be removed first, of course.

A timer failure could cause the press to show that it is always waiting to go up, or go down, according to the indicator lights, without ever doing so. This would be the most common failure mode. Be sure to test the module by setting it to zero, and then trying to make the ram go up or down. Sometimes the timer is accidentaly set too high, and is actually working just fine but the ram does not move for an excessive length of time, making the operator think it will never move.

The dwell timers are not difficult to remove, but the power should always be disconnected before working inside the cabinet.

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