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Hydro-Press Position Transducer (1 of 3)
Hydro-Press Position Transducer (1 of 3) Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-PDX
Price: $227.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
This is a non-contact electromagnetic position transducer, or proximity detector, which closes an internal electronic circuit whenever it "sees" metal in front of it with a short gap between the metal and the face of the threaded cylinder.

Proximity detectors (sometimes nicknamed "proxy switches") are a sealed device with no moving parts or exposed electrical parts. The leads coming from the device can close a circuit which provides from 24 to 240 volts in series with the appropriate load, which is a relay coil. In the Hydro Press, the top, bottom and loading position of the ram are sensed by the CHP-PDX mounted on a standard with a slot in which the three sensors can be moved and secured with lock nuts.

When the ram top plate passes in front of the sensor, it sends a "closed circuit" signal to its associated relay on a circuit board in the press, and the relay handles the heavier current to move the hydraulic valve in the appropriate direction. A small LED light on the side of the sensor illuminates when the device sees metal in front of it. You can easily test whether a sensor is working by holding a metal screwdriver blade in front of the sensor, to see if the red light comes on. (The appropriate press cycle which is controlled by that sensor has to be switched on, or the sensor will not necessarily have any voltage sent to it at the time you do the test.)

The leads from each of the three proximity detectors connect to screw terminals on a panel inside the press, located at the top rear of the press. Removing the back panel provides easy access to the terminals for replacing the sensors. Note that all three are identical and can be substituted for each other to test the operation further. Moving the load position sensor to the top or bottom sensor position, and changing the wiring connection to top or bottom will verify if either the top or bottom sensor is inoperative, for example. Power should be disconnected when making any changes within the cabinet.

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