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Indicator lamp set (3), HydroPress
Indicator lamp set (3), HydroPress Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-IL3
Price: $54.00
Shipping Weight: 0.15 pounds
This is a set of one each red, yellow, and green indicator lights for the CHP-1 Hydro Press. They are connected electrically by push-on flat connectors which fit on the spade lugs on the rear of each lamp. There is no right or wrong way to connect (non-polarized} the two leads to each indicator. Mechanically, they snap into holes and are held by spring loaded detents. To remove them, disconnect the power to the press, remove the access panel on the front, and gently pull loose the connectors. Rather than pulling on the wire, grip the actual connector body itself, either using fingers, needle nosed pliers, or slip a flat blade screwdriver between the rear of the indicator body and the end of the connector to push it off.

To remove the lamp from the top panel, locate and press the spring-loaded retainers which are just below the top panel, on the wiring side, while pushing upward on the rear of the indicator lamp. Lamp will push out (up) and release from the top panel. Installation is simply pushing the lamp body back into the hole until the snap locks pass through the panel and snap out on the other side.

The set of three lamps or indicator lights is offered as a convenient addition to your spare parts kit for the Hydro Press. The press will run exactly the same way without the lamps. They do not affect any of the circuits if they are disconnected or worn out. The operation of the press is easier to follow, and the status of the press can be more quickly determined if trouble shooting a function issue, if the lights are operational. Also, because the lights indicate situations in which the press is waiting to move up or down depending on either a timer or the sequence of operator input, there is a safety issue: with the indicators working, the operator has better knowledge of how the press may move next, whether or not it is in a time-delayed operation, whether it is in automatic or manual mode, and whether the loading position cycle is active. These bits of information help the operator know when it is unsafe to manipulate the die or punch, and when it is best to keep hands away from the ram area because it may be ready to move.

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