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Press rod extender kit
Press rod extender kit Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-EXT
Price: $155.00
Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
CHP-EXT press rod extender kit consists of two matched length extensions for the CHP-1, CSP-2H, or CSP-2 presses. It does not change the stroke length, but adds more "daylight" (three extra inches) between the top of ram position and the bottom of the press head plate.

This kit is used when forming very long bullets or loading long cases such as the 20mm. It allows longer parts to be put into the press than would normally be possible. The rods can be removed so that the press is converted back to standard head position.

Alignment of the press head is critical. If possible, it is better to order this option installed when you order your press. If it is ordered for a press which you already own, then you might want to consider getting the alignment fixture or tool, which fits the press ram and helps you secure the head so it is aligned on axis with the ram. A T-bar socket wrench is an important tool to use when securing the top nuts that hold the head in place. Using a regular wrench with a single lever arm will torque the head as you tighten the nuts. If you use a T-bar wrench, you can apply equal force on both sides of the socket as you turn it. This centers the torque on the middle of the nut and rod, and helps keep the head in exact alignment. Applying a light coat of lithium grease on the nut bearing surface and/or hardened washer will also help secure the head and allow a tighter fit by reducing the turning friction.

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