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Digital Pressure System for CHP-1 HydroPress
Digital Pressure System for CHP-1 HydroPress Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-DRO
Price: $1,550.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Select cable length desired:
Three foot (36-in) cable
Four foot (48-in) cable
Six foot (72-in) cable ($5)
Custom length up to 25-foot ($10)
Enter custom length, specify feet or inches.:
This is a factory-install only option, which adds a high precision 5-digit continual pressure read-out to a new CHP-1 Hydro Press. An angled plug connects to a flush-mount socket on the press, powering bright digital read-out mounted on a bracket. The digital read-out is enclosed in a sturdy metal case.

Digital Readout System Connector The read-out is continuous, for idle, up and down stroke of the press, showing residual pressure, pressure bleed-off, peak and ram movement pressure. A high precision digital current loop transducer continually monitors drive pressure. The 24-v dc power supply is mounted inside the cabinet and provides sensor and read-out power, no need for additional plug-ins or accessory units. Both pressure signal and read-out power come through the same flexible cable, which can be disconnected and re-connected with the power on or off. The meter immediately reads drive pressure with no adjustment or manual controls, whenever pressure is present to the drive cylinder.

Recommended for high precision work, the higher resolution of the digital pressure transducer reads much smaller variations than the analog gauge mounted on the top panel. This pressure read-out system does not replace the standard gauge, which is still present and functions as always, regardless of whether the digital meter is plugged in or not. But while the dial pressure gauge shows movements in the 50-100 psi range with reasonable resolution, the digital gauge shows even single digit changes clearly and repeatably, displaying 35-40 psi idle pressure bleed-off that barely moves the needle on a standard gauge.

digital Readout System Mounting digital Readout System Mounting

The digital system is calibrated from zero to 3000 psi, and tracks the dial gauge well. A setting of 2,000 psi read on the dial gauge might be resolved to a range of 1895-2115 that fluxuates in a repeatable pattern as the pressure is first applied and then the material moves slightly under plastic flow, for example. The slow bleed off of pressure at the top of the stroke, with the pressure or position sensor stopping the press ram, can be easily read on the digital meter, while it is less apparent on the dial gauge.

This is not currently a field-installable retro-fit due to the need for special hydraulic fittings, wiring, internal 24v power supply module, and cabinet mounting hole for the connector. The digital read-out head mounting system is easily removed or mounted without modification to the press, should it be desired to mount the read-out meter on the wall or sit it upon a shelf instead. But it can be ordered factory installed on any new Hydro-Press. The pressure sensor and read-out meter are precision calibrated together, as a set, to provide accurate dependable readings.

digital Readout System
The 24v power supply mounts inside the cabinet of the press, out of sight and protected. The pressure sensor has a quick disconnect DIN plug for easy removal should service or replacement ever be necessary. The sensors are rated for peak surges of 4,500 psi, and the press is regulated to 3,000 psi max pressure, and further limited to 2,000 psi for normal operation.

digital Readout System Digital Readout Mounted on the Press

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