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Circuit Breaker/Pump Switch CHP-1
Circuit Breaker/Pump Switch CHP-1 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-CB2
Price: $59.50
Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds
Optional Note:
20 amp breaker This is the "Pump" motor on/off switch and 20-amp circuit breaker for the CHP-1 Hydro-Press. It has a "bat handle" operator or lever, and mounts to the top panel of the press with a threaded shaft and nut. To replace it, unplug the press, remove the front panel, and carefully note the wires which connect to the switch. Carefully unscrew the nut holding the switch to the panel, from the top. You can then manipulate the switch to make the connecting posts more easily seen, and move the wires to their corresponding position on the new switch.

Symptoms of a failed unit are:
  • Toggle moves without resistance -- and/or --
  • Pump does run regardless of position of the toggle
  • But Fans and work lamp operate normally
If the motor or other components in the motor circuit are faulty and cause the breaker to trip (off), it is doing its job and the problem is a defective motor, or motor starting capacitor, or short circuit to the motor. This would be evidenced by the following:
  • Switch has normal resistance and can be snapped "on".
  • Switch then snaps off by itself.
To test the switch, remove power from the unit and remove the front cover. Disconnect wires from one terminal of the switch only. Use an ohmmeter (or the resistance measurement setting of a multi-meter) to read across the switch terminals. With the switch off, the meter should show "infinite" or open circuit. With the switch on, the meter should show "zero ohms" or short circuit.

Another way to test without an ohmmeter is to connect a jumper wire across the switch, plug in the machine, and see if the motor runs with the key switch turned on. The only problem with this test is that if another component is defective and causing excess current draw, the breaker providing power to your wall outlet may be tripped or you may see smoke arise from overheated wiring, causing further damage. (This is not the recommended test, but is only a field expediency only in the absence of any other means).

Note: A qualified industrial electrician should be called to test and service the machine if there is any doubt about the user's ability and experience with electrical equipment. Wiring diagrams and trouble shooting information are provided on website under the details of the CHP-1 Hydro Press.

There are two circuit breakers in the CHP-1 press. This is CB2 on the diagram, and the other is a 5-amp push-button breaker also mounted on the top panel, which protects the logic wiring, relays, transducers and timers. If you wish to disable the press further than you can with the key switch, pull up on the small 5 ampere circuit breaker button near the rear of the top panel. The work lamp, fans and motor will run but no power is provided to the control circuits.

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