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Bullet Puller Replacement Jaws
Bullet Puller Replacement Jaws Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CBP-JAWS
Price: $46.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
Select Size:
Standard .510 (50 BMG)
Enter custom size below (+$12)
Blank jaws (make your own hole)
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Brass jaws for the CBP-50 bullet puller, which is made primarily for pulling 50 caliber military bullets without risk of damage, impact or shock, by using the power of the reloading press to gently extract the bullet from the case.

These jaws are available as finished sets complete with the installation/pivot pins (dowels). This listing is for the finished set.

Optional Other Sizes ($48):
You can order any size from .102 to .998 diameter. The specific diameter rather than the caliber is required, because a ".45 caliber", for instance, could mean a .452 pistol bullet or a .458 rifle bullet, or even a special diameter such as .455 or .450. The geometry of the jaw clamping surface is designed for optimum grip on a specific diameter, which is one of the reasons this tool is so effective at not damaging the pulled bullets.

Since most of the jaws are made in groups for 510 diameter bullets, there is an additional cost for making other sizes. There are nearly infinite possible sizes which could be ordered, so they are made to order individually, with separate tooling setup for each order. This is why the cost is more than for jaws which are made in large runs at one time. The cost of making one, to order, is more than making, say, 500 of the same size, at one time.

Blank Jaws
You can also select a blank set of jaws with no hole, if you wish to make your own. Clamp the jaws together with a thin shim of brass or copper between them (usually .005 to .015 inches thick) and hold them this way in a milling vise. Drill a hole that is close to bullet diameter right in the junction of the two blocks, so you either drill through the shim stock or so that the shim stock is positioned on either side of the hole.

Now ream the hole to a larger diameter than the bullet itself, by just slightly less than the thickness of the shim stock. If the bullet is .224 diameter, and the shim stock is 0.010 thick, ream the hole to about 0.230 inches with the shim still in place. Now, when the shim is removed, the width across the hole will be 0.230 minus 0.010 or 0.220 inches. This gives a crush fit of .004 inches on the bullet sides, but leaves a clearance of .230 - .224 or 0.006 inches where the jaws come together on either side of the bullet. Exact numbers are not critical so long as you have a slight crush fit "straight on" and a slight clearance "side to side". Having the hole exactly the size of the bullet means it won't clamp firmly. Having the hole larger of course means it won't clamp at all. Having the hole smaller means the edges of the two jaws will pinch and damage the bullet as you try to force them around the larger diameter bullet. The slightly oval shaped hole resulting from use of the shim is what provides the proper crush fit without edge damage.

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