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Corbin Bullet Puller
Corbin Bullet Puller Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CBP-50
Price: $107.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
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Standard .510 (50 BMG)
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Bullet Puller The CBP-50 bullet puller removes 50 caliber BMG bullets from most handloaded rounds without crushing, marring, or in most cases without leaving any signs of pulling on the bullet. Caution: Certain military ammunition is heavily crimped and/or laquer-sealed to such an extent that the bullet cannot be grasped and pulled without actually "digging in" to the bullet itself. If you cannot pull a heavily-crimped or sealed bullet with the standard brass jaws, a special set of steel jaws can be requested. These will mar the bullet by biting into it. This is of course a "last resort", assuming inertial or collet pullers also fail to pull the bullet.

Unlike inertial (impact) pullers, there is no shock or sudden blow to damage priming pellets, fracture powder grains, or potentially ignite sensitive payloads in certain kinds of projectiles.

Instead, the gentle but powerful leverage of the loading press is used to extrace the case while the bullet is held in a vise-like grip by precision machined brass clamping jaws. The clamping force is adjustable and extremely powerful, applied through hardened forged mandibles to the individual pivoted brass jaws, which align automatically around the bullet.

Here is how the tool is used:
  1. Remove the die from your 50 BMG reloading press.
  2. Optionally, place a large steel washer with 9/16 opening over the top hole in the press, or if available, screw in a 7/8-14 adapter bushing. This reduces the size of the opening and provides better support for the tool.
  3. Insert a loaded round in the proper shell holder, and raise the ram so that the bullet and case neck are above the top of the press head (through the bushing or washer, if used).
  4. Adjust the screw in the handle of the tool so that the jaws can be clamped firmly around the bullet. Make sure that the counterbored (larger) half of the hole is down, around the cartridge neck. This transfers force to the bullet in direct line with the mandibles of the tool. Once done, this setting will not need to be repeated.
  5. Clamp the bullet, holding the tool so its jaws and mandibles reach around any bolts or nuts on the press top, and the jaws rest squarely on the top of the press (or bushing or washer, if used). If the hole is larger than 1-1/2 inch diameter, a bushing or washer is mandatory to provide even support.
  6. Lower the ram. The cartridge will go down with it, and the bullet will remain clamped in the tool.
  7. Press the release lever and open the jaws to release the bullet.
  8. Remove the cartridge, install another, and repeat the operation.

Please note that you can order replacement jaws complete with pivot pins installed through one side of the mounting slot, in any caliber from 0.105 to 0.998 diameter. The tool can pull lead bullets but if they are made of softer lead alloys, the bullets could be distorted from compression or marked by the top edge.

Most jacketed bullets or hard lead bullets can be pulled without distortion or any significant marking if the hole size is correct for the bullet diameter. The primary purpose of the tool is to remove bullets from handloads, and lightly crimped factory bullets. Extremely heavy military crimps and seals may require a set of jaws which will bite into the bullet and cause some bullet damage.

Jaw sets come with the pivot pins driven only through one side of the mounting slot. You can tap the existing pins to the same position without removing them entirely, and then slip the jaws off the mandibles without losing the pins. Also, if the jaw is mounted over the mandible prior to tapping the pin through the mandible and into the opposite side of the mounting slot, the slot will be supported so it will not be peened over or bent. Always support the slot internally if you intend to drive the pin in or out.

Use only a properly sized pin punch to move the pivot pins. Using a nail, screw, or some other make-shift drift punch is very likely to damage the hole and shorten the life of the jaws. This would not be a warrantied problem.

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