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USB-drive with all software/books
USB-drive with all software/books Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: USB-1
Price: $95.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
Save $43 over buying all seven programs and four books separately! Now you can plug this dual-port USB drive in your Windows-compatible laptop, tablet, smart phone, or desktop with no need to install programs on your internal drive. All the engineering, marketing, swaging instruction and design books and Corbin's "Instant Engineering" software, $138 value if purchased separately, in one convenient package!

The dual port USB drive has both a mini-USB connector and a standard USB connector, so you can use it with any Windows compatible device for programs, and any device capable of reading PDF files for the books.

Includes these programs and books:
  • DC-1001 Bullet Design/BC Instant Engineering calculator
  • DC-1003 Paper patch bullet calculator
  • DC-1004 Air resistance plotter
  • DC-TWIST Rifling twist rate calculator
  • DC-DIES Die strength, pressure, and press design calculator
  • DC-LEAD Powder metal, lead extrusion calculator
  • DC-SALES Pricing calculator for custom bullet makers
  • HB-9-E Handbook of Bullet Swaging
  • WD-1-E World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers
  • TB-4-E Power Swaging book
  • DC-TIII Turning Ideas into Income marketing book
  • bonus materials

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