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Corbin Website on CD-ROM
Corbin Website on CD-ROM Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: WEB-CD
Price: $9.50
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WEB-CD is a data-packed CD-ROM that contains the complete Corbin Web Site, all pages and illustrations, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format publications including instructions for swaging tools and die, marketing information for bullet makers, the complete text of the Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging in both HTML and Rocket E-book formats, and much more! Also includes a slide-show viewer of all photos and illustrations.

Available in standard CD-ROM data format, the HTML files can be viewed using your web browser (just open "INDEX.HTM" or "INDEX.HTML"). Portable document files (PDF) can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat reader, which can be downloaded from their web site. If you log onto the web before opening the CD-ROM files, all the links become active and allow you to jump directly to sources of firearms news, current information on the BATF web site about federal firearms licensing, plus dozens of other links to useful government and private web sites.

A limited license to use all the Corbin photographs and graphic illustrations in your own advertising is granted to bullet makers who use Corbin equipment. Thousands of dollars worth of professional quality photographs and illustrations of bullets, dies, and swaging processes are on the site.

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