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PIN POINT tips, pkg/500
PIN POINT tips, pkg/500 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: TIP-45-5
Price: $115.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
The TIP-45 is a plated steel insert for making high BC bullets within a limited length constraint, such as magazine or cylinder OAL, sabot or air rifle weight or length limits. The 25-degree tip angle of the nose cone blends into a hybrid tangent/spire ogive shape to provide both low drag and a reasonable length for such cartridges as the .450 Bushmaster, PCP large bore air rifle pellets, black powder cartridge or muzzle loader bullets stable with a slower twist rate, and for improving impact or terminal ballistic performance through the action of the tip driving back into the bullet body and forcing expansion regardless of the impact material density.

The tips have a 0.100 inch diameter stem with grooves into which the bullet material is extruded when the tip is seated (using a PF-1-ST or PF-1-HT tip-seating, point forming die). Note that the tips cannot be used in just any ogive shape at random, but are properly matched to a specific PIN POINT ogive shape, and create a hybrid ogive with a smooth blending of tip to jacket. These tips are different from the ULD-TIP (TIP-30 and TIP-50), and are generally useful for 9mm to .510 diameter bullets.

The TIP-45 is packaged in lots of 500. It is easy to handle using a magnetic pickup tool, and allows bullets to be magnetically sorted and collated. To use the tips, order either a PF-1-ST or PF-1-HT tip seating/point form die in the PIN POINT configuration, to use with any standard die set. You can order the RBTO-4ST or RBTO-4HT set and specify the PIN POINT ogive shape rather than the ULD-TIP shape.


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