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Jacket Serrator Die, type -S
Jacket Serrator Die, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SDD-1-S
Price: $269.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Jacket wall thickness in inches:
WARNING: Be sure you read and understand the following BEFORE you order!

SDD-1-S serrator draw die for full length serration of bullet jackets fits the head of your S-press. The empty jacket fits over a long punch, which screws into the ram. Raising the ram pushes the jacket through the die, putting a series of shallow grooves in the side of the jacket. Ideally these are just visible, not huge or very deep, for best results.

It is best for short bullets (handgun) for fragmenting or low penetration applications, for large meplat designs with a large ejection pin, semi-wadcutter bullets, and other styles that do NOT have a long shank. They work best with thick walled tubing jackets, or with handgun bullets designed for use by prison guards (to help reduce ricochet from concrete and steel, and excessive penetration of soft targets as in hostage situations).

Full length serration is ONLY recommended for flat base, cup base or dish based jacketed bullets. It should not be used with RBT bases or heel bases. The reason is that the serrations weaken the jacket prior to the step or boattail section being formed, and will promote cracking and breakage during this base forming operation. Even if the base does not appear to be harmed by serration on the boattail portion, the jacket can be made too fragile for accurate and safe shooting if serrations extend into this region.

The SDD-1-S is NOT recommended for standard rifle bullets using commercial or conventional thickness jackets and small ejectors in the point form die. The design can expand and stick in the point form die, like a collet, from the pressure on the tip trying to expand the bullet in the die, in those specific designs.

The depth of groove is adjustable but should ideally be left at the factory setting to insure proper operation. Very shallow grooves are sufficient.

Adjustment is primarily to allow for replacement of the cutter tips and to make them all the same depth. Fiddling with the depth is not recommended until you already have a good deal of experience with tool and the bullets have been well tested using the standard factory setup. It is easy to try to get TOO MUCH of a groove, which raises excessive burr material and can cause other problems "down-stream" in the processing.

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