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Saw Belt (B), SAW-2 only
Saw Belt (B), SAW-2 only Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SAWBELT2
Price: $10.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Saw Belt 2 is the shorter belt which connects the intermediate drive spindle pulley to the saw spindle pulley. It is only used in the continuous length Saw-2 model.

The best way to remove or install this belt is to loosen the cap screws holding the saw spindle assembly onto the moving platform, so that the assembly will drop slightly and allow you to slide the belt off the pulleys. Never loosen the adjusting bolt nut holding the two platforms in proper relationship to each other! If the platforms are not aligned correctly, the belts will drag on the side of the pulley and deposit rubber on the larger pulley. This is a sure indication of misalignment, and will cause rapid belt wear.

There is a slight cant to the platform, which counters the torque applied to the belts and keeps them running straight on their pulleys. Do not attempt to "fix" this slight angle, as it is a necessary part of the design.

Belt life is extended by (1) using sharp blades, (2) letting the blades clear their own path by not forcing the cut, and (3) making sure that no one "fiddles" with the various mounting and adjustment bolts, but instead leaves them alone so that the belts can run true with no side drag.

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