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Saw Blade, Tubing Saw
Saw Blade,  Tubing Saw Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SAW-B
Price: $29.50
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
SAW-B 3-inch diameter fine-tooth 0-set HSS saw blades are used in the Corbin SAW-1 and SAW-2 tubing cutters. They are designed for cutting non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum. They are NOT suitable for stainless steel tubing.

The 3-inch blades have no set to the teeth, and should be installed so that the sharp angled face (cutting edge) rotates downward when observed from the front of the saw (or clockwise when observed from the left side of the saw, looking at the end of the arbor). It is possible to mount them backward, but they will cut very poorly if at all, and will generate considerable heat against the work piece because they are rotating backward.

They can be run dry, but life is extended by using a suitable mist coolant. The blades are secured to the arbor by using a left-hand thread, grade 6 cap screw (available separately). Do not use any other kind or grade of screw! Doing so could be dangerous. These screws are available from Corbin. Always disconnect the saw from power before removing and re-installing a blade. Observe the mounting components before removing them, and make sure that they are replaced in the same order and direction as they were originally installed at the factory. Washers provided for mounting the blade are not optional! Damage to the saw arbor or the saw blade or both can occur if they are installed incorrectly or left uninstalled.

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