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Punch, Internal PF for tip seating, -S
Punch, Internal PF for tip seating, -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-ST
Price: $50.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Select type of punch:
T1: Cavity forming (projection on the end)
T2: Tip ejecting (cavity in the end)
Select style of tip insert:
Ultra Low Drag TIP (ULD-TIP)
Pin Point TIP (25-deg nose cone)
No Insert: HP only
No Insert, solid tip ejector only
Punch diameter (marked on die):
Sync length for T1 punch, on die or punch head:
Optional Note:
cavity-forming punch rod There are TWO kinds of ejection punches used in the same TIP seating, point forming die. One forms a socket for the metal insert stem. The other pushes the bullet out after the tip has been installed and the ogive has been formed completely.

The cavity forming punch, or T1 punch,  is matched in length to the depth of the die cavity, so it projects exactly the correct amount into the die.The sync length is marked on the die and punch, which tells the die maker how long the punch needs to be for a particular point form die. This number is necessary when ordering a replacement punch. Also, the diameter of the pin is marked as a decimal on the punch. This may be .157, .161, or possibly a different number depending on your particular point form die. This number is also needed for replacement punches or punch inserts.

The second punch, or T2 punch,  has a cavity machined in the tip. It is the ejector for the metal tip bullet, and does not project into the die cavity during the forming of the ogive. The length is not critical, so long as it is short enough to remain out of the die cavity until the ejection stroke takes place. The diameter is the same as the cavity forming punch, since it fits the same point forming die. Therefore the diameter is also needed for replacement of this punch, but not the specific length.

There are also two styles of tip inserts which require their own shape of punch set. The ULD-TIP is for long range, ultra-low-drag ogive rifle bullets. The PIN POINT tips are for making high BC bullets which are constrained in over-all length, and therefore need a broader ogive shape to shorten the bullet so it will feed, load, fit a sabot, or whatever else might limit the bullet length. The PIN POINT inserts use a different set of punches and a different ogive shape of point forming die than the ULD-TIP style.

These punches are made so that the rod portion can be replaced by means of a set screw in the punch head. The rods are lower cost than the entire punch. If you should break a punch, ordering the correct rod and replacing it in your punch is usually the best plan.  The rod insert is catalog PUNCH-SI (for insert). 

Note that these punches ONLY work with the PF-1-ST die, not with other kinds of point forming dies.

You MUST send either the old punch back, or provide the sync length number on the die or the original punch, in order to get a proper length replacement. These dies are hand built and the punch length is synchronized to the exact cavity depth of a specific die. Slight differences in cavity depth are unavoidable with the hand lapped diamond finished dies, so the T1 or cavity forming punch is hand fitted to a specific point form die. The depth which the punch projects into the die, when in the press and the ram is raised, is adjusted so that the shoulder between full punch diameter and the projecting end is far enough into the die to bring the end of the jacket to the same diameter as the largest part of the conical tip insert.

When ordering replacement insert pins be SURE to include the sync number (which are the inches from the step at the tip to the rear edge of the punch head's shoulder)..  Some clients have multiple sets of dies in the same caliber and shape for production and backup purposes, and each die has a matching cavity forming punch, storing the numbers and saving them for ordering replacements only works if YOU do the storing and associate it with a specific die. We have no way to tell which of your dies of the same caliber fits a specific punch even if we store the numbers. You need to tell us the sync lengths for any replacement punch ordered, or measure your existing punch from the step to the back end and give us that length. 

Below is the T1 punch, with the sync length, and punch diameter indicated.  Note that the tip length is not included, since the tip length have no effect on the position of the pressure-sealing full diameter end of the punch.  

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