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Adj. Length Punch, -H (<= .375)
Adj. Length Punch, -H  (<= .375) Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-HA
Price: $179.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Select type of punch:
Internal (stays in the die)
External (pushes components into the die)
Select die the punch fits:
Core swage (CSW)
Core seater (CS)
Boattail preform (BT-1)
RBT forming (BT-2)
Point former (PF)
Lead tip shaper (LT)
LSWC die
Tubing JM End Rounding
Bullet reducing die (BRD)
Jacket reducing die (JRD)
Other (describe below)
Caliber (final size):
Punch diameter if known:
Punch Shape:
Description (optional):
The adjustable PUNCH-HA (at or under .375 caliber) is used in the JM-1-H jacket making die (1st die of the CTJM-1-H tubing jacket maker set) when you want to make several different lengths of jackets. An adjustable sleeve around the reduced center portion of the punch can be set for different lengths of tubing.

Adjustable core seating punches are used with copper tubing jackets or with any rebated boattail bullet, to prevent stretching the jacket when the base is being formed. The punch shoulder can be set to the length of jacket, so that the jacket cannot extrude forward as the core is seated.

Adjustable internal punches are used with the point form die, to seal the die cavity at the top for making a clean flat tip bullet in one stroke without using a lead tip forming die, or to seal the die so that it can be pressurized to swage lead bullets and adjust the weight with bleed holes in a point form die. This is often used for shoulderless paper patch bullet swaging, eliminating the core swage operation.

It is helpful with tubing and core seating punches to specify the maximum and minimum expected length of jacket to use, so that the die-makers can evaluate the range and see if the punch can adjust that far, or if you would need a second punch to cover it. Another option is a different length of adjustable sleeve for the same punch.

For larger calibers, use the PUNCH-HL (over .375 diameter).

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