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Pro-Swage 393 1-E CB
Pro-Swage 393 1-E CB Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PRO-1-R_393
Price: $289.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Please Note: We only have 0 'Pro-Swage 393 1-E CB' available now. You can adjust your order now, or try again later.
This PRO-SWAGE die fits your standard single station reloading press with RCBS slotted shell holder ram, and comes with a free weight adjusting punch, plus a 1-E nose and a cup base punch. It is ideal for paper patched bullet swaging to make 40 caliber rifle bullets.

To determine which caliber this bullet will fit, multiple the paper thickness times 4. Then add this to .393 inches. to determine bullet diameter. For breech loaders, you would want the diameter to be about rifling diameter (that is, bore plus twice the rifling depth). For muzzle loaders, where the bullet has to be pushed down on the powder instead of being driven into the rifling from a cartridge, you would want the bullet to fit on top of the rifling (bore size -- so base expands into the rifling on firing).

Illustration shows other optional punches you can order for different base shapes. Typically the one that is supplied is ideal for paper patched bullets.
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