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Point Form/Tip Seater, -S
Point Form/Tip Seater, -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PF-1-ST
Price: $439.00
Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Optional Note:
Select style of tip insert:
Ultra Low Drag TIP (ULD-TIP)
Pin Point TIP (25-deg nose cone)
No Insert: HP only
No Insert, solid tip ejector only
Select base shape:
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (pellet, Minie, slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$70
Custom Base (enter specs) +$70
Enter custom base specs:
The PF-1-ST metal tip seater/point former is used to insert the Corbin ULD or PIN-POINT tip into the bullet and at the same time, shape the ogive on the jacket and seated core. It replaces a conventional point former and is only used for making high BC metal tip bullets. Please note:
You do not need to provide values for ALL of the options. If left blank, the most popular and useful value will be used. The options are offered in case you have a specific value in mind for your own reason. Feel comfortable in leaving blank any value about which you ae unsure or do not have a specific requirement.

There are two kinds of metal tip high BC bullet designs. One is for long range, ULD-ogive bullets in the 7mm to .510 caliber range. The other is for shorter bullets in the 9mm to .50 range, primarily for handguns and rifle calibers that require a short OAL, such as the .450 Bushmaster, PCP Air Rifles firing lead bullets of large bore, or muzzle loader and black powder cartridge bullets for use with sabots, hollow base Minie styles, or any relatively short heavy bullet for which you wish to increase the BC and range.

If you select the PF-1-HT PIN POINT dies, you will want to use the TIP-45 PIN POINT inserts. These are designed with a 25 degree spire point to blend with a 4-S tangent curve, making a hybrid bullet ogive for reduced over all length bullets and cartridges. This works for shorter, heavier bullets and keeps the nose in proportion to the overall length without making the bullet too long to load, feed, or stabilize with conventional twist barrels.

If you select the PF-1-HT ULD-TIP dies, you will want the TIP-30 (for 7mm to 338 normally, but can be used up to 375). If you want a caliber over .338, up to .510 (50 BMG) then the TIP-50 is more suitable. In the transition calibers, 338 to 375, there is a "fuzzy zone" where you can use either one, depending on how you like the effect and looks, and whether you want a larger portion of the ogive to be the tip or the jacket. The ULD-TIP is for long, slender bullets that have extremely high BC, and cannot be used with any other ogive shape than a modified ULD curve. These tips are too long and too shallow an angle for use in short large bore bullets.

  1. Ejection punch no.1 has a probe or tip that maintains the hollow point size as the ogive is formed, preparing the jacket to accept the tip insert.
  2. Ejection punch no.2 has a cavity that accepts the pointed end of the insert, and presses the stem of the insert into the end of the bullet, while the die finishes closing the jacket around the stem.
The combination of pre-forming the ogive, then inserting the tip and pressing it into place, is what gives the ULD-TIP or the PIN POINT bullet an exactly centered, perfectly smooth union of the tip and the jacket. The amount of lead core used for a given jacket length is important and must be done properly to bring the lead core around the tip stem and secure it, but not so much that it pushes the tip back out of the bullet when the ogive is finished. A little practice will quickly show you the proper amount to use.

PF-1-ST ULD tips

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