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PF-1-HC 6.5mm ULD RBT tapered
PF-1-HC 6.5mm ULD RBT tapered Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PF-1-HC_264_ULD
Price: $349.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Please Note: We only have 0 'PF-1-HC 6.5mm ULD RBT tapered' available now. You can adjust your order now, or try again later.
This is a point forming die in .264 caliber (6.5mm) with the Ultra Low Drag ogive shape, and a very small 0.062-inch ejector pin. This custom die has a slight taper built in both to allow easy ejection with the tiny ejector pin, and to reduce friction in the barrel.

This die allows smaller than usual open tip or meplat diameter but may require a pass through a bullet draw die in order to create a more parallel shank to increase the case neck grip for hunting loads. A BRD-1-S bullet reducer at .264 diameter would remove the slightly larger tapered portion at the base and provide a parallel shank for a more firm grip in the case neck. This may not be needed for target shooting or single shot loading, but would be useful in magazine rifles.
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