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Pound Die, Smooth Ogive Style
Pound Die, Smooth Ogive Style Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PD-2
Price: $750.00
Shipping Weight: 12.00 pounds
Enter bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Diameter of flat tip, inches:
Optional Note:
Select Base Shape:
Flat Base
Cup Base
Dish Base
Hollow Base
Base Guard (BG) Base
Custom (enter specs)
Enter custom base details:
Enter optional HP length and diameter:
This is an 1890's style "hammer" swage, or "pound die" (so called because you "pound" it with a rawhide mallet to swage the bullet). It consists of a die body which fits into a larger diameter supporting base, a base punch with a large head, a second supporting base with a hole to catch the ejected bullet, and a long ejection punch to push the bullet out. Support base with tip closing punch

The lead core is cast (or cut from lead wire) to the desired weight and length. Then it is lubricated with Corbin Swage Lube, and put into the die body. The die body is placed over the tip sealing punch and support base assembly so that the punch mounted in the support base fits into the small ejection pin hole. The length of the punch has been carefully synchronized with the die cavity so that the punch reaches the exact end of the cavity and seals the die.

Die body The large head base punch is then put into the larger hole in the die, so that at least a full caliber and a half of punch length is supported inside the die cavity. Using a rawhide mallet, or a weighted plastic-faced hammer, strike the punch head firmly as close to the punch axis as you can. Try to avoid striking at an angle. One or two firm blows with a 3 to 5 pound mallet will generate enough pressure within the die to swage the bullet.

The large headed base forming punch is then removed, and the die is lifted off the tip sealing base. The die is then turned over so that the large end of the cavity is down, and placed over the second support base (with the hole through it). The long, thin ejection punch is put into the small hole in the die, and pushed or tapped gently to eject the finished bullet.

Support base with bullet receiving hole This style of die is most often included as part of a presentation rifle package, being made for the specific diameter of a slug gun (early form of benchrest rifle) or muzzle loading target rifle, or a separate bullet and cartridge breech loader. The sheer weight and size of the die, and the air-tight precision of the hand fitted punches and die bore, make the PD-2 an interesting conversation piece. Practically speaking the die eliminates the need for a press in swaging precise lead bullets, with or without gas checks, half jackets, or base guards. The tip punch can be changed in length and shape to make a flat tip or a hollow cavity (it is held by means of a snap ring in the support base).

Die with base punch and support base Die with base punch and support base

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