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Power Cannelure Machine Knurling/Custom Wheel
Power Cannelure Machine Knurling/Custom Wheel Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PCM-WC
Price: $150.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Enter bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Number of Grooves/Style:
Enter groove depth, width, spacing, other details:
Drawing will be provided for multi-grooves?:
No drawing will be sent.
I will send a drawing for groove spacing/shapes.
knurling wheel PCM-WC custom cannelure wheel for the PCM-2 cannelure machine is made to order for number of grooves, width of grooves, or a full diamond knurl pattern.

Knurling wheels do not require a drawing. We make a cut groove 45-degree pattern (90 degree included angle) cross hatch pattern, normally with a 25 line per inch pitch. In some cases we may need to use a different pitch in order to provide proper tracking of the grooves for the diameter (caliber). We do not offer custom diamond pattern angles or pitch, because of the difficulty of producing or buying special knurl tools (you would not want to pay for one just to get a single special wheel, as they can run more than a thousand dollars) and the fact that diameter and pitch are synchronized to provide tracking.

Wheels that can roll an angled crimp groove along with a serrated lube groove, or special shaped grooves, can be made to your order. All-smooth grooves (no serrations) does not work. There must be at least one serrated groove to provide rotational grip on the bullet and prevent it from simply skidding through without turning.

A dimensioned drawing is required for most multi-groove or special shaped grooves in order to make sure we produce exactly what you want.

If you check the box above, indicating a drawing will be sent, we will wait for it to arrive before starting. Otherwise, if you check "no" then we will assume whatever we normally provide (even spacing, .050-wide grooves, etc.) will be acceptable.

Sample components to be run through the machine are also very helpful, though not always necessary. If you send sample bullets, it will help us make sure the depth, position, and feeding work exactly as they will when you use the machine.

When designing your custom wheel, bear in mind these guidelines:
  1. The area of all grooves combined must be less than 0.01 times the support area opposite the grooves, in order to provide a high enough difference in embossing versus support pressure.

  2. The volume of material displaced by the groove will be moved forward and cause extrusion of the core material, or expand the component diameter on either side of the groove, so always use the minimum depth that does the job.

  3. A perfectly smooth embossing surface will spin against the component surface and dig a notch rather than turning the component: a minimum amount of driving friction is required to turn the component, usually achieved by serrations or by a textured surface finish.

  4. A groove which is too narrow or comes to a sharp point may tend to cut through a thin jacket rather than embossing it. Sometimes a radius at the edge will solve this problem, or it may be necessary to make the embossed area wider.

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