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Power Cannelure Custom Carousel
Power Cannelure Custom Carousel Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PCM-FC
Price: $349.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Select component to be processed:
Empty Cartridge Case
Loaded Cartridge
Other Component
Diameter of component:
Describe component and groove design:
PCM-FC is a custom-made carousel support/feeding aid which can look like the illustration, or be made in some alternate design, as needed for a specific job.

Most bullets can be accurately fed without a carousel support (flat base with short length to diameter ratio), or a standard PCM-F pin-support guide (boattail bullets or those with relatively long length to diameter ratio). Some components, such as cartridge cases or unusual shaped bullets, may require a guide device that requires considerably more design and/or machine work than the normal PCM-F device.

For instance, applying a light non-serrated cannelure on a long case to prevent the bullet from slipping back during feeding may require a machined guide. A deep hollow base lead bullet might be distorted by cannelures unless a matching support post, machined to fit the ID of the base, supports the thin shank where the cannelure is to be applied.

For these and other unusual applications the PCM-FC custom version of the carousel support/feed guide solves the problem.

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