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Power Cannelure Machine
Power Cannelure Machine Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PCM-2
Price: $699.00
Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds
Select power option:
110-125v 50-60hz
220-240v 50-60hz
Caliber (1 PCM-W included):
Select groove specs:
Standard .050-wide
Custom (enter description):
Leave out the wheel (deducts - $75)
Enter custom groove specs:
  Custom machined carousel ($298)
  Optional carousel support ($129)
  Spare Back Plate (std.) $95
  D2 Hardened Back Plate ($298)
  Spacer kit, 5 ea .025/.047 ($10)
PCM-2 power cannelure machine has a 6 by 7 inch foot print, with 11 inch height. It can be ordered with standard 115-125v 50-60hz or optional 220-240v 50-60hz at the same price. The machine is designed for continuous production duty, with ground steel top plate and heavy duty bearings for the air-cooled gearmotor drive.

The machine is priced with ONE CALIBER of hardened cannelure wheel included. Additional calibers are available by ordering other wheels, within the .17 to .458 range, and by ordering both additional wheels and possibly a different backing plate for larger calibers (contact us about unusual requirements, special lengths or diameters beyond the normal range - we do custom work to use the machine for other purposes, such as case crimping, fishing pole ferrule manufacturing, etc.)

In use in famous-name bullet production lines, the PCM-2 is equally at home in the R&D lab, where it can be safely hand fed up to 30 bullets per minute. The machine comes with a replaceable cannelure wheel for one specific bullet diameter, which can be adjusted accurately for depth. The position of the cannelure relative to the bullet base is set by steel spacer shims and by turning the offset cannelure wheel over on the shaft. A set of spacers comes with the tool, and additional spacer sets can be ordered.

Bullets with a flat base and a short height to diameter ratio can be fed through without any special support or guide mechanism. Bullets with a long height to diameter ratio or boattail bases, which may tend to tip over easily if not supported, can be reliably fed through using a carousel support option, which rotates freely on the shaft and is driven at a speed related to the rotations of the bullet rather than the speed of the cannelure wheel. Simply dropping bullets between the support posts assures that the cannelures will be straight, even, and the bullet will not ride up or tip over.

Additional hardened and ground wheels are available with standard .050-width serrated rings, or built to custom order with more than one embossing ring or different shapes and widths of grooves. The tool does not cut or remove metal. It presses the cannelure ring into the bullet, maintaining exact weight.

The unit comes with a positive "off" center position, reversing switch, so that the machine can be reversed to clear a bullet during setup, but cannot accidently be put in reverse by brushing the switch. A powder-coated steel cabinet protects the machinery, which circulates air from the bottom and comes with four rubber feet to protect the surface on which it is placed.

Wiring of switch back for 110 or 220v
This is the wiring to the forward-off-reverse switch, which determines which voltage the machine should use. An electrician can change these connections to switch from one voltage to another, but we do not recommend user-attempted modification. Only a qualified electrician with experience in wiring and soldering should attempt to make these changes. However, if you order the machine for the voltage you need, we send it set up and ready to run on that voltage. The machine will operate on either 50 or 60 hz frequency regardless of voltage.

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