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Lead Extruder, Small Wire, type -S
Lead Extruder, Small Wire, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: LED-2-S
Price: $298.00
Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds
Select wire diameter:
LED-2-S Lead Extruder Die for the S-Press makes small diameter wire from .430 wire or .45 caliber lead bullet (soft lead only).

Since the S-Press has a 2-inch swage stroke, and all Corbin hand powered presses develop maximum power at the top of the stroke, the length of the lead "billet" is limited to about 3/4 inch. Longer bits of lead require too much effort for extrusion in one stroke (although you can adjust the die downward a little at a time to use the end of the stroke).

The LED-2-S is best suited for making .100, .125, .170, and .185 diameter wire. The larger the diameter, the shorter the length that can be extruded from a given size of billet (the starting piece of lead is called a billet in an extruder). The LED-2-S makes from one to four inches of wire per stroke, depending on diameter. Fortunately, the calibers that need these small diameter cores only require short lengths.

For longer pieces of extruded small diameter wire, or to make somewhat larger wire (.218 or .247), the LED-2-SC extruder for use in the Corbin CSP-1H Hydro Mite press is recommended. The longer die would not work well in the hand press, but would allow the full power of the bench-top hydraulic press to produce longer wire. Hydraulic systems develop full power from the start to finish of the stoke, which is useful for extruding larger billets.

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