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JRD-1-H 257 to 224 jacket draw die
JRD-1-H 257 to 224 jacket draw die Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JRD-1-H_224
Price: $198.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Please Note: We only have 0 'JRD-1-H 257 to 224 jacket draw die' available now. You can adjust your order now, or try again later.
This is a jacket reducing or drawing die which fits into the Corbin CSP-2 or Corbin Hydro Press (1-1/2 x 12 die with a 1 x 12 threaded punch base).

It is used to make long, heavy walled jackets for 80-100 grain 224 bullets (that is, for all the standard .22 centerfires including .223, .218, .219, .222, .220, 5.7mm, 5.56mm, etc.)

You may also need the ET-2-H trim die in 224 diameter if the drawn jacket is too long. However, a 25 caliber .780 long jacket will draw to about 0.9 inches long in .22 caliber, making a typical 90 grain bullet (depends on shape and tip form, since a lead tip can use a little shorter jacket for the same weight as an open tip, and a round nose can be shorter than a long spitzer shape for the same weight).
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