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Base Guard(tm), 41
Base Guard(tm), 41 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JBG-41
Price: $42.00
Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds
This is a Base Guard for the .41 caliber and .410 Shotgun Slug. It is sold in packages of 1000. The Base Guard disk is slightly cone shaped. It is used with a swage die having a base punch with a slight depression in the center just larger than the hole in the BG disk. The projecting tip of the cone goes toward the lead when you form the bullet. It is always best to have a nice flat end on the lead that you are swaging, so that the BG disk will not be tipped to one side. The lead flows through the hole in the disk and creates a rivet head in the punch depression. This secures the disk to the base of the bullet. The disk also flattens out and grows slightly in diameter, making it an exact fit in the die. This is how we achieve zero tolerance fit between the base guard disk and the bullet itself: both acquire their final diameter in the same die, at the same time.

Any surplus material is curled forward to form a scraper edge hidden below the surface of the bullet side. This makes a burnishing edge presented to the bore so that fouling is more easily scraped out of the barrel on each shot. If the disks were flat when they went in, they would not likely produce this benefit and would also have to be stamped out exactly the same diameter as the die, which at some level is impossible due to normal heat and production tolerances. But when you produce the final diameter by flattening a conical disk in the same die, you eliminate that tolerance entirely.

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