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.405 x 1.431-in jackets, pk/250
.405 x 1.431-in jackets, pk/250 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: J-40-143
Price: $82.00
Shipping Weight: 4.30 pounds
8 available for immediate delivery
This is a .030-wall .405 caliber jacket, 1.431-inches long. The jacket takes a .330 diameter core, and weighs 120 grains. Base thickness is .040 inches, and the wall just above the base is 0.035 inches thick.

By drawing down the jacket, and trimming it to desired length, all the calibers of jackets from about .410 down to .338 can be made, in the longest practical lengths. This provides a good alternative to purchasing either a tubing jacket maker kit or a strip jacket maker kit.

The jackets make excellent big game bullets or heavy long range bullets. The .030 jacket is more than adequate for big game hunting, and it can be drawn down to make thinner walls in smaller calibers, or it can be drawn down while maintaining the same jacket wall thickness. This is a function of the punch diameter in the draw die (the JRD-2 should be used when reducing wall thickness, while the JRD-1 will reduce just the diameter).

Typical bullet calibers which can be made using this jacket, by either expanding it during core seating or reducing it, include the .412, .410, .408, .400, .375, .366 (9.3mm), .358, .351, .348, .338, .323, and .318.

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