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Custom Hard Roller Knurling Tool
Custom Hard Roller Knurling Tool Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: HCT-2HC
Price: $350.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
The HCT-2HC is a Hand Cannelure Tool version 2 (diamond knurl) which has hardened tool steel rollers and hardened axles, enabling you to use the tool on jacketed bullets as well as lead bullets.

One of the purposes of this is to provide a small increase in the diameter of a jacketed bullet for use in a sabot, and also to provide gripping surface so that the sabot and the bullet stay together better without slippage or spinning inside the sabot.

There is usually no advantage in putting knurling on the parallel surfaces of a jacketed bullet, except for use with a sabot or to slightly increase the diameter. The amount of increase is proportional to how deeply you set the tool to place the knurls. Anywhere from .001 to .010 inches of diameter increase is possible with increased depth of knurling, depending of course on the material and hardness of the jacketed bullet. Solid copper bullets may also be knurled but the depth of bite is much more limited (there is no "give" to the solid copper rod, unlike the thin layer of copper over soft lead core in a conventional jacketed bullet).

The increased cost of the tool is due to the use of extremely tough tool steel rolls (3 of them) and heat treated, hardened axles, all of which take vastly more time to machine, heat treat, and polish than the standard tool. With lead, even C1018 cold rolled steel gives excellent life when used to knurl the bullets. But for copper and brass alloys, the increased resistance requires a hardened steel to avoid blunting the tips of the little diamond knurl pattern on the rollers. We therefore use D-2, which is more difficult to machine cleanly and is therefore much more time consuming and expensive to produce in the proper knurled form.

So, do you need this tool, or could you use the HCT-2 instead? It is a question of appropriate tools for each job. There is no harm done by using a tool that is "over-kill" for the application except for the higher cost, but it is a waste of money to try to use the HCT-2 on jacketed bullets, as it wears out too quickly and is not warrantied for such use.

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