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FJFB-3-S 355 (9mm) 3/4-E 3-die set
FJFB-3-S 355 (9mm) 3/4-E 3-die set Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: FJFB-3-S_355rn
Price: $647.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
13 available for immediate delivery
Optional Note:
This is a 9mm, .380 ACP or .38 Super (.355) 3-die set, consisting of the core swage, core seater, and point form die with their associated punches. It has the standard round nose 3/4-E ogive shape which works well in most autoloaders.

Business Opportunity! At this time, four developments coincide which present a unique opportunity for custom bullet makers.
  1. General ammunition shortage and high demand for .380 and 9mm bullets.
  2. Widespread passage of "must issue" concealed carry laws.
  3. A flood of locked action, light concealable handguns in .380 and 9mm.
  4. Deep concern over the assault on our freedom that the liberal anti-gun politicians and their largely sympathetic press are clearly making.

As a result of the combination of these factors, there has never been a better time to make and sell high performance .355 diameter handgun bullets to handloaders! Making the "standard" FMJ isn't a good long-term strategy for the custom bullet maker, but offering custom weights and enhanced expansion HP designs made for lower recoil and better expansion from light, short barrel handguns offers a longer term potential for income.

One of the more innovative designs is to add a 5/16 inch "Bullet Ball" inside the jacket, topped with a lighter lead core. This makes a "super-lite" high velocity bullet that produces less recoil and is easier to control in small concealable weapons, with normal length for alignment and feeding.

You can make open tip or lead tip bullets with a wide range of weights. By adding an optional FMJ base turning punch, you can also make full metal jacket military bullets.

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