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FJFB-3-S 224 3-die set
FJFB-3-S 224 3-die set Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: FJFB-3-S_224
Price: $647.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
10 available for immediate delivery
Select Ogive Shape:
6-S Spitzer
8-S Spitzer
1-E Round Nose
ULD secant ogive
This is a 3-die set for making flat base open tip rifle bullets for calibers using the .224 diameter bullet. This includes the 5.7mm, 5.56mm, .223, .220 Swift, .222 Remington, .221 Fireball, .224 Winchester, and so forth. In fact, if it is a 22 centerfire, with few exceptions, it uses a .224 bullet you can make with this die set.

We presently have a few variations in ogive shape (different point forming dies) in stock. Check the ogive shape you would like to order. You can also order additional point forming dies (PF-1-S) on the regular page and specify other ogive shapes. The same die set can be used with other point form dies of the same caliber.

This die set, like all 3-die sets, can also make full metal jacket open base (military style) FJM bullets if you add a PUNCH-S 224 PF EXTERNAL FMJ punch. Often a person will say they want full metal jacket bullets but they actually mean a closed base, open tip bullet with no exposed lead. That is the standard open tip, which does not require anything special.

Another tip style is the lead tip, which you can make if you add a LT-1-S 224 lead tip die in the same ogive shape. Open tip bullets have the lead core seated inside the jacket, and lead tip bullets have a longer lead core that protrudes from the jacket. Obviously, you cannot make a bullet that is both lead tip and open tip. However, you can make either an open tip hollow point, or a lead tip hollow point.

A hollow point bullet means that there is a conical hole formed in the lead core. The core can be inside the jacket, or it can be longer than the jacket. Therefore, you can make an OT-HP by using an open tip core seat punch with a hollow point projection, or you can make a LT-HP by using a larger diameter core seat punch which fits the die bore rather than the jacket ID.

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