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Die insert, for PF-1-R
Die insert, for PF-1-R Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: DIE-PF-R
Price: $179.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Select caliber:
224 Caliber 6-S ogive
243 Caliber 6-S ogive
25 ACP 3/4-E
308 (30 pistol, carbine length) 3/4-E
32 (.312)
32 (.314)
Enter other caliber and shape (+$120)
Other caliber/shape:
This is the hardened, lapped point forming die which screws into the 7/8-14 adapter body for a type R point form die set. It is provided as a replacement, using your existing punches and die holder body.

This is provided either in .224 or .243 caliber, in a 6-S standard ogive shape. A write-in blank is provided in case you need to order a special caliber or shape.

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