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Turning Ideas Into Income, CD-ROM
Turning Ideas Into Income, CD-ROM Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: DC-TIII
Price: $9.50
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Turning Ideas Into Income by D.R. Corbin, is a summary of 40 years of successful business building. It contains tips on your business plan, business structures that work and those which usually fail, partnerships, various agreements and contracts such as the Non Disclosure Agreement, and much more.

A portion of the book is devoted to reasons why inventors and investors sometimes keep themselves from being successful and how to turn that around. A chapter explains why merit may not matter, when it comes to selling your idea for a better product into a mature industry. Those who have brought excellent new ideas to established manufacturers and been dismayed at the lack of enthusiam for obviously good ideas will see why this may be the case more often than not, and what to do about it.

The philosophy a person holds about life and business will deeply affect his chances for success, even if he doesn't fully realize the nature of his beliefs. A section is devoted to explaining why unwitting reactions often lead to self-defeating actions when it comes to setting up and running a small business.

More than just a dry recital of contract language or a boring rehash of the basic forms a business can take, TIII examines both the marketing of ideas and the successful establishment and operation of small business ventures by drawing on actual business experience. The stumbling blocks that face a custom bullet maker and the easier paths around them are exposed. Much of the information applies to other fields. Some is very unique to the custom bullet market.

Sections of the book also point out ways to build wealth as opposed to just making income, how to turn ordinary observations and even mistakes into new sources of income, and how to develop a comfortable lifestyle by learning disciplined approaches to what you actually want out of life. This is simple to understand, and works every time, but it is not an easy, get-rich-quick scheme...just applied common sense that seems to elude so many who start and fail in business.

Published in PDF format, the book can be viewed and printed using your web browser or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software provided.

Available in printed book form also. See books, print, on this webstore...

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