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Core Seat Die, Type -R
Core Seat Die, Type -R Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CS-1-R
Price: $218.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Select caliber:
25 ACP
30 Pistol
32 Pistol
Custom size (extra cost)
Enter custom diameter if checked above:
Enter base style:
Flat base
Dish base
Cup base
BG base
Hollow base
Custom base
Describe custom base:
Core seater external punch:
Open Tip
Lead Tip
Keith Nose SWC
Conical Nose SWC
Target Wadcutter
Button-nose Wadcutter
3/4-E RN SWC
Hollow Point LT
Hollow Point OT
Custom shape (extra cost)
Describe custom shape (if checked above):
CS-1-R core seating die for reloading press is used to seat the lead core into a jacket. The type -R dies are offered in a limited number of calibers suitable to the reloading press. For other calibers, use the S-Press and type -S dies or one of the -H presses.
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