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Corbin Bore Cleaner, 4-oz.
Corbin Bore Cleaner, 4-oz. Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CBC-4
Price: $8.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
CBC-4 is Corbin's Benchrest Bore Cleaner, used for more than 30 years at Camp Perry, Wimbledon, in the Armed Forces, and in police armories around the world.

CBC removes fouling without chemical action, and is completely safe to leave in contact with carbon or stainless steel barrels. It is an oil-based dispersion of synthetic sapphire scrubbing plates, which work their way under fouling and pry it mechanically off the bore.

Since there is no chemical reaction, CBC works equally well with plastic, powder, copper, lead, and moly fouling (yes, even that build-up of caked on molybdenum disulphide that comes from firing too many moly-coated bullets!).

The proper procedure is to use a brass brush one size smaller than the bore, or a worn out brush of correct caliber for the barrel, and wrap it with a cloth cleaning patch. The patch should be a tight fit in the bore. Saturate the patch with CBC, and squeeze out the surplus. Wrap it around the brush, and stroke the brush through the bore, two inches forward, and one inch back, in short strokes. When the patch emerges from the other end, remove it and run one more patch in the same way. Then wipe the bore with light oil or a conventional solvent.

The amount of fouling removed from a bore in this manner is amazing, even with a barrel you thought was clean before! Two passes is sufficient for any barrel. If the fouling or pitting is severe, use Corbin Bore Lap to smooth the bore and remove tool marks.

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