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Bank Card Only (use to send card info)
Bank Card Only (use to send card info) Quantity in Basket: None
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This is a way to trick the web store software into allowing an "order" with nothing in it, so you can use the secure credit card entry for some previous order that was not placed on the secure web store. NO CHARGE IS ACTUALLY MADE! An invoice is emailed automatically, complete with shipping, but it is just a place holder to activate the security systems and allow you to enter a bank card number safely.

If you sent an email or made a phone call and ordered some item, and for whatever reason need to provide a credit card for payment now, this is a very secure way. The web store makes no charge, has no outside link to any processing service, and will not do more than make sure that the number you enter meets the standard test for a valid account number. It won't charge anything, won't cause any charges to be entered, and will simply allow Corbin to receive the information, and decrypt it from the two 128-bit scrambled packages in which it is sent.

The web store will be tricked into using the certified safe cc encryption because it sees this as an order for something worth a penny. Has to have some value or the system won't believe it is a real order. That is just a place holder. It isn't charged. Your name and address, along with the card info you want to provide, will be made available to Corbin for downloading upon the entry of two separate encryption keys, one for the "order" with your address, and another for the card info. Absolutely no other processing is linked to this information. It is safer than handing your card to a clerk in a store (which is a card-present transaction, and usually is harder to challenge if your info is compromised).

Caution: If you use this method of sending card info, be sure to select the payment method for the same kind of card you are using. Don't select "check" or "PayPal". If you use a Visa number, don't select "MasterCard", and so forth. We can only go so far in tricking the software! It will not work with info that is too far from a real order!
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