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Type -R punches fit reloading presses and work with type -R dies. There are two basic types:
  • Internal Punches (fit inside the die body)
  • External Punches (slip into the press ram)

The kind of die must also be specified. A draw die can be either for jackets or bullets. The punch for a draw die is always an external type (fits the ram). But for jackets, the punch fits inside the jacket. For bullets, the punch is full bore size and fits closely through the die.

Specific kinds of swage dies which have both internal and external punches, and require that you specify the caliber, and in some cases, additional information.
  • CSW-1-R (core swage - specify diameter)
  • CS-1-R (core seater - specify diameter)
  • PF-1-R (point former - specify diameter)
  • LT-1-R (lead tip former - specify diameter)

Core seaters use an internal punch of a specific shape to form the bullet base, and an external punch which either fits into a specific jacket (depending on seating depth, jacket taper, and wall thickness) or have a semi-wadcutter shape of some type. Point formers use a spring-wire ejection pin punch which fits the hole size in the top of the die for the internal punch, and a full diameter external punch matching the base type. Lead tip formers use an internal punch of a given cavity shape and diameter, and an external punch which both fits the diameter and has the desired base shape.
Type -R Punches

Punch, type -R
Price: $75.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Rod for 224 RFJM punch
Price: $6.00
Quantity in Basket: none

22 RF Jacket Maker Punch, type -R
Code: RFJM-P-R
Price: $50.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Ejection pins, pk/5 .081, for PF-1-R
Price: $10.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Ejection Pin Spring for PF-1-R die
Price: $3.50
Quantity in Basket: none
Punch, for PRO-SWAGE die
Price: $75.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Pro-Swage Ext. Punch, weight adjusting
Price: $75.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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