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Complete Kit for 6mm Bullet Making
Complete Kit for 6mm Bullet Making Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-243S
Price: $1,742.00
Shipping Weight: 32.00 pounds
  Add LT-1-S Lead Tip Finishing Die ($199)
  Add RBT-2-S rebated boattail dies ($498)
  Add LW-10 .185 spool of lead wire ($50)
  Add PCS-1 .185 core cutter ($69.50)
  Delete Core Mold (CM-4a) (-$169)
Optional Note:
This is a complete set of dies and tools, with a CSP-1 S-press included, to manufacture your own 6mm (.243) caliber bullets using fired .22 LR cases (or commercial jackets). The bullet is a flat based, open tip 6-S spitzer ogive shape, but you can add other point form dies for different shapes, lead tip dies, or rebated boattail dies as desired.

These are the items included (everything you need except fired 22 LR cases):
  1. CSP-1 S-press
  2. Reloading adapter (comes with press, for using standard reloading dies and shell holder).
  3. Floating punch holder FPH-1-S (comes with press)
  4. CSW-1-S core swage die (for weight adjustment)
  5. CS-1-S core seating die (to seat core into jacket)
  6. PF-1-S point forming die (finishes the bullet)
  7. CSL-2 swage lube
  8. RFJM-6MS 6mm jacket maker (turns 22LR cases into 6mm jacket preforms, ready for core seating)
  9. CM-4a .185 diam 4-cavity core mold (to turn scrap lead into cores)
  10. HB-9E Handbook of Bullet Swaging on CD-ROM
  11. Instructions

Note that you can make your own kit in ANY caliber from .102 to .458 for the CSP-1 press just by substituting the desired caliber of dies, adding jackets, and getting the correct diameter of core mold for your caliber. You can also substitute a spool of lead wire (LW-10) and a PCS-1 or PCS-2 core cutter for the core mold. The set of three dies listed (CSW-1-S, CS-1-S, and PF-1-S) make up a single catalog number called the FJFB-3-S. This means "Full Jaket, Flat Base 3-die set for S press".

So instead of ordering the dies individually, you can just order the FJFB-3-S and get exactly the same thing. Or, if you want a rebated boattail base instead of a flat base, order the RBTO-4-S die set. This set has the same core swage and point form die, but substitutes the RBT-2-S rebated boattail die set for the CS-1-S core seat die. If you want a factory finsihed looking lead tip, either add a LT-1-S lead tip finishing die to any of the sets, or order the LTFB-4-S (for open or lead tip, flat base bullets), or the RBTL-5-S (for rebated boattail open or lead tip bullets).

To make all the various styles in a given nose shape and caliber, order the FRBL-6-S die set. It builds on the FJFB-3-S 3-die set by adding the RBT-2-S rebated boattail set plus the LT-1-S lead tip finishing die. So it has all the various kinds of bullet swage dies. For any given bullet style, you would only use a maximum of 5 of the dies (for a RBT base, Lead Tip bullet).

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