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Lead grooving tool
Lead grooving tool Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: HCT-3
Price: $179.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
  Optional Cannelure wheel, .050-wide * 1
  Extra Grooving wheel, 2 x .080-wide * 2
HCT-3 lead grooving tool puts two .080-wide grooves at a time on lead bullets. You can roll two, then overlap one groove and roll a third one, or offset the bullet and roll two more. Using this procedure you can roll any number of grooves on a bullet shank.

The HCT-3 frame and roller V-way is the same as the HCT-1 cannelure tool. If you wish, you can remove the crank and embossing wheel, and change it with an optional, extra .050-wide jacketed bullet cannelure wheel. Some disassembly and reassembly is required to do this, so if you need both functions very often, it is best to get both tools.

The depth of grooves and position is accurately adjustable with positive stops. The same tool can handle from .172 to .720 diameter bullets, and adjusts to fit the bullet.


* Note 1
The HCT-1W wheel is the one from the HCT-1 cannelure tool. You can convert the HCT-3 grooving tool to a cannelure tool by removing the original 2 groove HCT-3W embossing wheel, and replacing it with this HCT-1W wheel. It isn't convenient to do this every time you wish to change from jacketed to lead bullets, though, and would be faster just to own both kinds of complete tools. However, if you don't mind the change-over time, it is certainly a lower cost way to go!

* Note 2
The tool comes with a HCT-3W 2-groove embossing wheel installed. If you use the tool as recommended for soft lead bullet grooving, the wheel should last a very long time. But if you try using very hard lead or jacketed bullets or solid copper, even just briefly, the force required to emboss the harder materials will probably peen over the knurls on the embossing wheel. It is NOT designed for jacketed or hard metal bullets, but for putting grooves on soft lead bullets for lubrication. Having a spare wheel means if someone ruins the first one, you can quickly get back in business.

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