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Bullet Swaging and Reloading Presses

For more information about bullet swaging presses and how they differ from reloading presses, look at the info on under the "presses" topic, or click on one of the pictures below for details about that press.

csp-2 Mega Mite press csp-1 S-presscsp-1h Hydro-Mite press chp-1 Hydro Press

  • For calibers of .458 and smaller diameter, with a length of 1.3 or less inches, the CSP-1 press and type -S dies to fit it is the usual recommendation.
  • For calibers larger than .458, or longer than 1.3 inches, or rifle jacket drawing from copper strip, the CHP-1 Hydro- press or the CSP-2 Mega Mite press, with type -H dies, would be required. The larger presses can also make the smaller calibers.
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