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Code Name Price Availability    
CSP-1 S-Press $739.00  
CSP-2 Mega-Mite Press $1,398.00  
CHP-1 Corbin Hydro-Press $9,850.00  
ST-6 Sim Test, Carton of 6 Blocks $149.00 Sold out . Please check later.
ST-1 Sim Test. 7 x 11 x 2-in block $79.00 Sold out . Please check later.
STOPPIN1 Short stop pin, Series II press $7.50  
STOPPIN2 Long stop pin, S-Press $7.50  
HB-9-E Handbook of Swaging, CD-ROM $9.50  
TB-4-E Power Swaging, CD-ROM $9.50  
DC-TIII Turning Ideas Into Income, CD-ROM $9.50  


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