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Cartridge to Jacket Converter Die
Cartridge to Jacket Converter Die Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: C2J-1-H
Price: $399.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Select cartridge case:
Enter jacket caliber:
Optional Note:
The Cartridge to Jacket die converts fired centerfire pistols cases, such as the 9mm, into short and medium length rifle jackets as small in caliber as .308.

Other conversions which can be ordered are:
  • 45 ACP to .429, .423, .416, .412, .410, .400, or .375
  • 40 S&W to .375, .358, .351, .348 or .338
  • 380 ACP to .338, .312, .311, or .308
  • 32 ACP to .310, .308, .284, .277, .257 or .264
The cartridge case must be deprimed and annealed (heated to a faint red glow), then allowed to cool. It is then pushed through the draw die.

We've noted that with some cases, the thick head section expands a little after core seating so that the seated core/jacket tend to stick in the point form die. To eliminate this problem, if it should occur, loosen the set screw on the drawing punch, pull out the punch and reverse it, secure the set srew again, and push the seated core and jacket through the jacket draw die again. Now the size will be smaller and the jacket won't stick when you form the nose (ogive).

The "default" size is 9mm to .308. If you don't enter any other information, this is what you will get.

If you select a combination of starting cartridge size and ending jacket size that will not work, it will be necessary to cancel or add to the order. Additional JRD-1-H draw dies may be needed to reduce the case further than the limits imposed by a single draw. The above list gives you an idea of what is possible. If you order a combination such as .45 ACP to .224, the order will be invalid. This is too far to reduce the case. If you order a combination such as .40 S&W to .308, it may be possible but would require an additional drawing die, listed separately, at additional cost.

If a certain combination is not practical, you will be contacted shortly after you order it, and asked if you want to add other draw dies or cancel the order. You will not be charged for or sent any combination that does not work. Some combinations may not have been tested yet, but if this is the case, and they turn out to be impractical without further tooling, we will assume the cost of discovering this and will let you know as soon as we do if it doesn't work. Some combinations may work with less effort or produce nicer looking jackets than others.

Be aware that none of the jackets produced are considered commercial benchrest quality. They are a reasonably good jacket, and a low cost way to use worn-out, Berdan primed or surplus cartridge cases for nearly free bullet jackets, but they are NOT in the same class as a commercially drawn jacket.

They work, as far as making a shootable bullet that is good enough for most hunting or informal target shooting, defense or "survival" bullet making. They do not harm barrels with normal safe loading any more than a factory bullet would. Their accuracy is usually acceptable for the intended purpose, but not in the league of bullets made with Corbin benchrest jackets. On the other hand, with enough fired cases to pick up at the local range, you could have a lifetime of fun shooting at little or no bullet cost.

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