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Welcome to our secure on-line shopping cart! You can order with your VISA or MasterCard using SSL 128-bit encryption.

No charges are processed until a live person reviews your order and makes sure that it looks reasonable. A 3.5% processing fee is added by the card processing company.

The information you enter is encrypted and is sent for review. Charges to your card are NOT automatically made by the web store. They are manually entered in a highly secure terminal after the order has been examined and any questions resolved. If we believe you may have ordered incorrectly, we will contact you before processing the card or shipping the order.

If you use PayPal their processsing is done automatically through the PayPal interface, but if we think there may have been an error in your order, such as incompatible components or conflicting parameters, we will contact you, find out, and if some items are not needed we will use the PayPal refund process to adjust the order amount. You will also receive an emailed copy of what you ordered right away, so you can double check for errors and let us know if you may have ordered the wrong size or item by mistake.

Sending the 3 digit security code:

For extra security, we don't ask for your ccv2 number on line. (This is the set of 3 digits found on the back of your card, over the signature area...usually, the last four numbers of your account are reprinted first, followed by these three new numbers).

Instead, we ask that you send us a separate e-mail, with just your name and the 3 digit number. This is completely useless to anyone else, but helps insure that your card really belongs to you and that your order is valid. We put your e-mail together with your order, and when your order is ready, we put the card through with the ccv2 number. If you don't send the number by e-mail, we will have to hold the order until we can contact you by phone, fax, or letter in order to get it. Our card processing service requires this number to accept your card.