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Tubing Cutter Saw, 0-3 in len.
Tubing Cutter Saw, 0-3 in len. Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SAW-1_used
Price: $398.30
Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
Sorry, we are currently out of 'Tubing Cutter Saw, 0-3 in len.'. Please try again later! Or you can e-mail to have your name placed in the queue for contact when available.
  1 Spare left-hand hardened blade bolt: (6.00)
  1 Add spare saw blades (29.50)
Discontinued: Demo Model
Reg $569. Demo lightly used, $398.30
The SAW-1 is a precision non-ferrous metal cut-off saw for small tubing, used to precisely cut bullet jacket material such as copper tubing (.025 to .050 walls, typically), brass tubing, or aluminum tubing. (It will NOT cut stainless steel with the special copper cutting blade provided, and with the drive pulley ratio as shipped, although clients can customize the speed and obtain other 3-inch diameter saws with appropriate design for other materials, or use abrasive blades).

The advantage of the SAW-1 is in its precise, parallel cut to exact length, using the .032-thick dry-film coated 3-inch disk saw on a bearing-run precision shaft (similar to a tool-post grinder but in a saw). The nearly burr-free cut is also useful in other fields where accurate short lengths (0-3 inch pieces) are desired.

A smooth-jawed vise holds tubing of from 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch diameter securely at exactly 90-degrees to the saw blade. The vise can be set so that the tubing is guided rather than clamped, for continual feed and cut operations, allowing the tubing to be moved without constantly adjusting the vise tension.

Gently pressing a lever on the spring-return saw assembly pushes the spinning blade through the tubing. The cut piece rolls down the inclined base and drops off the front, eliminating the need to fish it from around the mechanism and greatly expediting the cutting of many pieces per session.

A mist spray coolant is recommended for longer blade life, but is not required. The blades are high speed steel, and may be replaced by removing a hardened left hand cap screw that secures the blade to the cutter shaft.

The small size and light weight of the tool make it very convenient to store and use as needed. The heavy duty bearing universal motor runs smoothly on 110-120 volt power of either 50 or 60 hz. A toothed belt and wide sprocket reduction pulley system provides positive drive with minimum vibration, again borrowing from tool post grinder technology.

The SAW-1 is the more precise, burr-free method of cutting copper, brass, or aluminum tubing to exact, repeatable, short lengths, without the need for large, expensive tools such as a turret or CNC lathe.

This is a discontinued product (to free die-maker time so we can make dies faster and cut our delivery time). It is no longer made, and this lightly used demo is the last one we have. However, we DO keep saw blades and spare parts in stock to support the many SAW-1 models in operation today, and intend to continue so long as there is any demand for them!

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