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Internal Punch rod insert for tip-seat/ PF die
Internal Punch rod insert for tip-seat/ PF die Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-HI
Price: $35.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
Select insert type:
Cavity forming with projection on the end
Tip ejection with cavity in the end
Select style of tip insert:
Ultra Low Drag TIP (ULD-TIP)
Pin Point TIP (25-deg nose cone)
Diameter (fits hole in threaded end of die):
Sync Length (for cavity-forming type):
Second sync length (on die):
Optional Note:
Ejection punch rod This is a punch rod insert for a type -H internal punch, which fits a PF-1-HT TIP SEAT/PF die. There are two sets or purposes for the inserts, and two shapes of inserts as well.
    Punch Purposes (sets)
  • Cavity Forming Punch (projection on the tip)
  • Tip Ejection Punch (cavity in the tip)
With the pairs of punches, there are two shapes for the inserts used...
    Insert Types
  • ULD-TIP (7mm to 510 rifle bullets with ultra low drag, long OAL design)
  • PIN POINT (high BC shorter length 9mm to 510 bullets)
For the ULD tips (TIP-30 or TIP-50), select the ULD-TIP punch or punch inserts. For the PIN POINT tips (TIP-45)select the PIN POINT punch or punch inserts. The punches are specific to a kind of tip, and cannot be used with the other kind.

Other, special designs of punches may also be made with inserts, so the option for "other" is given, and the "note" blank can be used to specify the details.

For cavity forming punches, the length is important and needs to be specified. This number is written on the original punch, along with the diameter. The length is matched to the a particular die cavity depth, to allow the punch to project exactly the right distance into the die cavity. Be sure to provide the sync length numbers written on your existing punch or die, to assure that what you get will work with your specific die.

These punches are designed and priced for standard production shapes which are not "custom" built with extensive one-off machine setup, engineering work, and other non-standard time-consuming options. We have a listing for custom punches including the custom inserts if such inserts are practical and are designed for field replacememnt. Some complex designs are primarily the cost of the custom machined insert. In those, the main cost of the punch is not the actual punch body, but the special machine work, fitting and finishing that allows such a punch to be produced.

A simple, straight rod style of punch made to standard specs can be produced in far less time. Conversely, the special custom insert cannot. If you use the "note" to try to modify the order to make it for a custom design, the price would not be accurate or possible in most cases. We can't spend four or five hours with one-off machine set-ups, engineering drawings, and hand finishing a single item for the same price as taking a standard part, made in quantity for stock, off the shelf! Standard dimensioned parts have the engineering drawings, shop notes, any special jigs and tooling needed including reamers and laps, built and tested long ago. Custom dimensioned parts require starting anew with the process. This is why two similar looking parts may involve a large difference in actual cost of production.

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